Tank swap-bodies

Växelflakstankar för utökat fordonsutnyttjande
Växelflakstankar för utökat fordonsutnyttjande
Växelflakstankar för utökat fordonsutnyttjande

Swap-bodies for increased vehicle utilization

A more efficient and increased vehicle utilization is made possible through our tank swap-bodies and tank containers. Tankmobil’s swap-bodies are available in all shapes in our regular product range, ie spherical, KA and tipping tanks. The tanks are most commonly made of special alloy aluminum of the highest quality, but we can also produce  tank swap-bodies in carbon steel and stainless qualities.

We also take care of the installation of blowing machines, either directly in the chassis or hydraulically driven on the tank frame.  One of the most common swap-body configurations that we produce is a tipping bulk of 35 m3 mounted on a 7 m tipper frame. In addition to this, we also work with other dimensions and constructions and have every opportunity to create optimized customized solutions.

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